Sandton’s Atrium On 5th has shaped this very landscape. The award-winning building, with its 4-star Green Star Rating, has sustainable and energy efficient initiatives at its core.  Sustainable building features include:

  • 90% of the original building structure was reused
  • The original façade was replaced with a high performance double glazed curtain wall 60% of the office UA has a view to the outdoors or into the atrium
  • Efficient air-cooled chillers including an ammonia chiller with zero Global Warming Potential
  • A dedicated façade air conditioning system was introduced for improved thermal comfort on the perimeter
  • Energy efficient lighting and occupancy sensors throughout the office areas
  • Water saving fittings and a fire water system that recirculates test water
  • More than 50% of timber is specified to be Forestry Stewardship Council certified