Recycling Vending Machines (RVM) are state-of-the-art recycling stations that are innovative, convenient, and waste-conscious, located on parking levels 4 & 7. These are no ordinary recycling stations; they are recycling vending machines that reward customers for their recycling, and help protect the environment by effectively recycling plastics, metals, glass and more, turning them into sustainable and 100% recyclable waste. The machines prompt you to download the ‘Imagined Earth’ app once you have entered your cellphone number. In the app you track your transactions and accumulate money and rewards from your recycling, which you are able to redeem with our partners.

Sandton City recently added another Recycling Vending Machine (RVM) in the Food Court, making it easier for you to recycle once you have enjoyed your meal?
Remember, you can now be rewarded with cash* in your Imagined Earth wallet that can be used to purchase shares on the stock market.