Hydraulics Avant Garde

The ‘Hydraulics concept store’ originated in 1991 and today boasts four multi-label stores in South Africa.

Hydraulics WEARETHEFUTURE; which is a luxury streetwear project and Hydraulics AVANTGARDE which is a pure Luxury Concept.

The Hydraulics concept store distinguishes itself in offering prominent, luxury, international brands of the highest quality and distinct aesthetic. We thrive ourselves in fine details, product buying, placement and merchandising.

The diversity of the brands we stock offers our customer a wide variety of products, each with their own particular look and intricacies. As these brands are imported by ourselves, the products we stock are very exclusive if not 100% exclusive to us in the country. We consider ourselves pioneers by being the first to bring selected product into South Africa. This is what makes the Hydraulics concept very unique in comparison to our competitors.

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087 149 1304

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Open Today: Friday

From 09h00 to 20h00

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